Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Blackberry Messenger 6 Leaked

A Blackberry Forum named BBH-plus managed to get the latest version of the Blackberry Messenger. This version is probably the version of the eagerly awaited by Blackberry users, especially users of the Blackberry OS 6. Yup, this is the Blackberry Messenger 6. Applications obtained from OS 6.1 for Blackberry Sedona

If you want to install BlackBerry Messenger 6, you must use the OS 6. Before you install this application, first remove the previous version of the Blackberry Messenger.

If during installation you are prompted to enter the key code, then you can not use it, unless you are a member of the Blackberry Beta Zone and has a key code provided by the Beta Zone Blackberry for Blackberry Messenger application, you can use the key code.

Download here


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