Sunday, February 20, 2011

T-Mobile Looking To Discontinue Flexpay Plan

T-Mobile is looking to end their Flexpay program which was setup for customers who didn’t have the best of credit. When T-Mobile ran the customer’s credit, depending on the approval the customer would be put into three different categories. First a post paid plan under contract, second a Flexpay with contract and lastly a Flexpay with no contract.

If you were approved into the Flexpay plan with contract, you would get setup with a regular two year agreement and get a subsidized price on a phone, but at a higher cost than a postpaid customer. Also, with the Flexpay plan you would be charged $4.99 because we can control charge which would drop off if you setup auto payment.

The Flexpay program seems to have been something that brought in customers to the #4 carrier. I don’t see why T-Mobile would want to get rid of a plan that works and didn’t seem to have any negative feedback.

If T-Mobile does get rid of this plan I feel it goes against their plans of becoming the #3 carrier. T-Mobile is struggling and eliminating plans that bring in customers is usually not the way to cure that.


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