Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bayalink Liberty Beta Controls your BlackBerry from an iPad

It has been awhile since we last heard any news from Bayalink. Up until now their solution allowed you to use your BlackBerrys apps from your PC but their latest announcement sets their sights a little further. They let us know about the public announcement for their Bayalink Liberty solution for the Apple iPad. The solution is still in beta but it will let users take advantage of their BlackBerry from their iPad. It sounds very similar to the way the BlackBerry PlayBook bridges with BlackBerry smartphones.

The app will allow users to surf the internet and/or intranet through their BlackBerrys in future releases using your BlackBerry as a modem without a VPN. I can see iPad users taking advantage of the link to access their BlackBerry features on a larger screen. Bayalink has already done it for PCs so it only make sense tablets would come after. They plan on also releasing a version of Liberty for Android tablets in the future.

I don’t know how appealing this solution will be for individuals but I can see enterprises looking into it as a viable option for using the iPad for business. If you are interested in trying the beta of their solution send an email to for more info.

Full press release below:

Bayalink Announces a BlackBerry® connector for iPad

Bayalink Solutions Corp., a leader in Smartphone application virtualization announces today that their flagship product Liberty will support iPad Tablets. Bayalink Liberty is a solution for the BlackBerry smartphone that provides the BlackBerry smartphone user with an option to interact with select BlackBerry smartphone applications on larger display devices such as laptops and PC’s and soon the iPad (followed by Android tablets). "Since launching over 2 years ago, thousands of BlackBerry users subscribe to use our unique patent pending Liberty product to interact with their BlackBerry using a large screen and keyboard" said Trevor Dietrich, VP and Co-Founder of Bayalink. "The movement towards tablets and more specifically the iPad is a natural step in our endpoint independent strategy to support BlackBerry users on all end user computing devices."

Liberty for iPad will be a really simple, easy, safe and cost effective way to read and reply to corporate emails on the iPad without the enterprise data ever being at rest.. Think of Liberty as a bridge between the BlackBerry and the iPad.

Bayalink Liberty gives iPad users unique capability to securely connect to their BlackBerry data and interact with that data using the tablets screen and keyboard similar to how the Liberty technology has been used by enterprise customers for years on the PC, laptop and notebook. In subsequent releases, users will be able to surf the internet or intranet through the BlackBerry (with no VPN required) on a disconnected iPad via their standard BlackBerry data plan.

Bayalink Liberty leverages all the benefits of the BlackBerry infrastructure and allows enterprises to easily and securely extend the BlackBerry data off the handheld to the iPad. "Enterprise customers have been very interested in Liberty on these new emerging form factors as they investigate iPads in the enterprise," said Dietrich. "Liberty is a key piece of technology that will help push iPad into the enterprise."

Any organizations or individuals interested in participating in the beta program, please
send an email to for more info.


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