Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BBM Video icon spotted in Rogers PlayBook overview video

Last time around, RIM had nothing to say when I asked what the plan was with video chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook. All we really got is that they will have something out for us to video chat on. Now it has come to surface as a BBM Video icon has appeared in the latest BlackBerry PlayBook video for Rogers.

So the video chat isn’t exactly integrated in BBM, but instead it appears to have a separate icon specifically for BBM video chatting. Perhaps this could change where two can become one.

Now for an interesting point. From what we understand now, you won’t be able to BBM without bridging your BlackBerry over to the PlayBook. What happens to users who do not own a BlackBerry smartphone but have a PlayBook? Do they get to use BBM chat, or will they have to rely on third party applications in the future?

Source: PlayBook Daily


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