Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Free App: Take BlackBerry screenshots with vScreenshot

There’s plenty of free and premium screenshot applications out there available, and here’s another one that’s been added to the list. Surely they all perform the same task of taking a screenshot of your current BlackBerry screen, but this one has a nice option menu you might be fond of. Features of vScreenshot include:

Enable/Disable vibrate
If you are taking many screenshots, and don’t want to see Vayyoo each time, and then find all of them ready to be sent in Vayyoo application.
Change file location between SD Card vs device
You can also change the exact path (please do it carefully)

Some of these features you’d find more or so in the premium screenshot applications, not free ones. It’s currently in the Test Center of App World for now, so there’s no word if the developers have future plans of making the application premium.

Download vScreenshot for BlackBerry >>


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