Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free iBlocker Lite Edition for BlackBerry Now Available

I’m a fan of BlackBerry apps with really clean user interfaces like this. Everything’s put out simple and neatly in front of you, and has a cosmetically attractive appearance. Over the weekend, Skyant added a lite version of their iBlocker premium application in the PocketBerry Store. iBlocker Lite lets you block calls from “private individuals, robot or automated calls, marketing personnel, telesales, both locally and overseas.” Features include:

Black List and White List are available to allow you to define the numbers to block, or accept.
Block the calls by prefix or suffix numbers.
Block call is supported during call waiting mode.
Easily trace back the blocked history that includes name, number, date and time. Besides that, you can directly make a phone call or send a SMS to the blocked caller by a simple click.
Report shows you the current status of the iBlocker Lite, total black listed numbers, total white listed numbers, blocked calls summary and auto SMS summary.
Switchable between Grid view and List view.

The premium iBlocker Pro gets a lot more features of course, and goes for 99 cents for now as a limited sale where it’s usually $3.99.

Download iBlocker Lite Edition >>
Purchase iBlocker Pro Edition >>


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