Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MultiCopyPaste for BlackBerry – Save multiple content on your clipboard

Sometimes there’s a need to have multiple content saved to copy and paste when doing some heavy duty work on your BlackBerry. MultiCopyPaste is the solution for that. Using the application utility is quite simple. Anytime you want to copy/paste, just select the MultiCopyPaste option instead of the standard “Copy” or “Paste.”

Features include:

Stores up to 50 items you copy or cut.
After 50, the copied item at the bottom will be deleted and the new one takes place at the top.
Pastes directly to a field or cursor point on clicking.
Accessible from most of the applications.
Click on the application icon and open the menu to clear copied items.

MultiCopyPaste is $1.99 to grab at the PocketBerry Store. According to the compatibility list, it works with every single BlackBerry model from the 8700 and up!

Check out MultiCopyPaste for BlackBerry >>


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