Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RIM Announces Upcoming WebWorks Smartphone APIs for Devs

RIM has been making some nice progress with the WebWorks platform over the last year. On the PlayBook it is a pretty solid development platform but on smartphones it still plays second fiddle to Java apps. For example, the new BlackBerry 6 universal search integration is not possible as far as I know in WebWorks apps.

The WebWorks team at RIM realizes this and is working on catching things up. Their first step seems to be getting the APIs evacuated from the BlackBerry OS so they can add them whenever they want. They have also released the full WebWorks source code for both smartphones and tablet OS builds so developers can even create their own APIs.

RIM has kindly posted up a nice list of upcoming smartphone WebWorks API’s that they are currently working on along with a list of next hits and potential candidates. I am glad to see message list integration and banner indicators is top on the list because push apps without them would be kind of hard. They are also adding support for the accelerometer in the devices that have them.

Check out the full list at this link. Hopefully we will be able to see BlackBerry Smartphone WebWorks apps that work as well as Java or AIR apps soon!


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