Sunday, April 3, 2011

Free PhoneTag App – Talk to friends around you & share locations

his doesn’t seem to be a social network app where you see who’s around you and chat with them. Instead PhoneTag is a free application where you have your actual friends who also use the application, then chat with each other within the app giving you the ability to share your location, and view all your friends on a map.

Features include:

* Select Location Sharing Options
o You simply select which friends you want to share (and see) locations with by looking them up in your address book or typing in their mobile phone number. There are also a few other simple session options you can set.
* Send
o Next, you send them a message and allow them to accept your invitation and join your PhoneTag “session”.
* See and connect
o Voila! Everyone who accepts the invitation is shown on the map in real-time, and can now connect and chat with one another. Finally, an iPhone friend locator app that’s free and easy.



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